Terms & Conditions


A signed event contract and payment of agreed deposit for the hire charges constitutes a contract between Cullinghood Stables, Herons Farm (hereinafter referred to as the “Contractor”) and the Client (hereinafter referred to as “the Hirer”) the Hirer will have the use of the Barn, courtyard, gardens, garden furniture, toilets, tables, chairs, and the Oak Cart Shed. The Client is to be aware and is obligated to make each and all guests attending the day that the courtyard are is cobbled and has an uneven and irregular surface and that suitable footwear should be worn to take account of the surface condition. They must take care at all times, particularly if the cobbles are wet.
On signing and dating this agreement the Client is signifying that they both agree and understand the terms and conditions contained herein and agree to be bound by them absolutely (unless otherwise agreed between the Parties hereto in writing)



The Hirer will pay the Contractor a non-refundable deposit equivalent and equal to £1000 at the time that the confirmed booking is made. The final balance is due for payment in full a minimum of 30 days prior to the date of the event. Failure to make such payment in full by the due date will cause the event to be cancelled - a notice period of 7 days will be given by the Contractor.

Payment plans for the final balance are available – Please speak to your Event Coordinator regarding these.


Accidental Damage Waiver: 

The bride or groom are required to pay a refundable deposit of £500.00 no later than two calendar weeks before the date of the event and the hire. Conditional upon no damage being sustained to the property, the deposit will be refunded in full. The payment method may be by cheque and after the event, an inspection will take place and providing no damage has been sustained the cheque will be returned, or in the event of a credit card payment, the refund will be made within 7 working days.



All cancellations are required to be made in writing by the Hirer and addressed to Herons Farm, Buckhold, Pangbourne, Berkshire RG8 8QA. In the event of a cancellation prior to 365 days’ notice your deposit will be lost, bookings cancelled 365-182 days prior to the event are liable for 50% of the venue hire charge. Bookings cancelled with less than 182 days’ notice will be required to pay the full balance owed to the Contractor. It is a condition of hire that you must secure and pay for suitable insurance to cover such eventuality. A copy of such policy should be provided to the Contractor on booking clearly stating that Cullinghood Stables, Herons Farm is a co-beneficiary with a declared interest in that policy.



The Hirer is not permitted to assign the hiring, nor may they sublet or otherwise dispose of any or all of the premises for the prescribed event, date or time, for any other purpose other than the purpose stated on the booking form.


Our Rights to Cancel: 

The Contractor will use their best endeavours to ensure that any event booked for a prescribed and agreed date and time will proceed as planned. However, in the unlikely event and for reasons beyond its control, the Contractor needs to make amendments including matters of force majeure, to the confirmed booking, we reserve the right, as a last resort to cancel the booking. Any monies paid will be returned to the Hirer and it is both agreed and understood that the Contractor shall not in such circumstances be under any liability to the Hirer for any loss, cost or damage sustained and arising from or out of such circumstances and cancellation.

Variation, Amendment, Alteration or Change: 

Any variation, amendment, alteration or change made by the Client in relation to the number of guests, the number of overnight guests, or attendees and/or any other arrangement must be agreed in writing between the Parties hereto and such notice of such amendment, alteration or change must in any event be received and agreed no less than 7 working days prior to the Event.

Any variation, amendment, alteration or change of the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement must be made or proposed in writing to either party and any agreed variation, amendment, alteration or change must be accepted and agreed and confirmed in writing between the respective parties to this Agreement.



Service Providers: 

The Hirer must provide the Contractor with full details of any external suppliers they have hired to arrive on-site for the event. All Service Providers will be required to send the Contractor a full copy of their Public Liability Insurance. In respect of any electrical items, equipment, machinery or musical instruments the Service Provider must provide the appropriate electrical safety certificate to the Hirer.

All AV and production services must be provided by our production partner Virtual Events as deemed appropriate by us the contractor. 



In the event of premise, content or chattel damage by the Hirer, their guests, invitees or third-party service providers, then the Hirer will liaise with the Contractor to obtain valuations or estimates for remediation, repair or making good and such estimates will be attached to claim form to be filed with insurers (or with loss adjustors as the case may be) where the Contractor is clearly defined on the Claim Form as the beneficiary of such insurance settlement.


Provision of Catering Services and Drinks:

The Contractor’s in-house caterer will provide the catering services and at all times the provision of all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided by the Contractor under their licensed premises permit. Following the terms of that license alcoholic drinks and beverages will be dispensed and sold for money between the licencing hours of 12.00 hours to 23.00 hours on Monday through to Saturday with licencing hours of 12,00 to 22.30 hours on a Sunday. It is expressly agreed and understood that neither the Hirer nor any of their guests or invitees are permitted and indeed prohibited from bringing, procuring or in any other way supplying or consuming any such alcoholic drinks and beverages on or onto the premises unless such provision has been agreed in writing between the Contractor and the Hirer in which instance a fee for corkage will be invoiced and paid by the Hirer to the Contractor in compliance of the Licensed Premises permit. Any alcohol discovered or found to have been brought onto or being consumed on the premises will be subject to forfeiture by servants of the Contractor and such forfeiture will not require the Contractor to compensate the individual or individuals responsible for bringing such alcohol onto the premises or permitting their consumption. Please note for legal reasons the Contractor is forbidden from providing alcoholic beverages or drinks or permitting their consumption prior to an official civil wedding ceremony. Further, for the Contractor to comply with the Licensing Laws the sale of alcoholic beverages by the Hirer or any party connected to the Hirer is strictly prohibited together with its consumption.

 If the hirer wishes to use an external caterer they are subject to a £600 additional fee to cover costs incurred by the Contractor.


Equipment Hire: 

In the event that unrelated third party entities or persons are providing equipment or other items at the exclusive cost of the Hirer for use on the premises, then delivery of such items to Herons Farm should be after 9.00 hours on the day of hire and the same must be collected on or before midnight on the day or the event (unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Hirer and the Contractor)


Control of the Event: 

The Hirer and named attendees or invitees are exclusively responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their guests or invitees and any third party contractors. It is agreed and understood that disorderly behaviour or unseemly conduct will not be tolerated and may result or give proper cause for the event to be terminated on the day or that those person(s) may be ejected from the premises. Further to this disorderly conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace, will result in law enforcement being called upon. For the safety of the guests, the accommodation and personal effects the Contractor undertakes to provide on the day the Contractor will provide security to patrol the premises, gardens and outbuildings from 20.00 hours to 03.00 hours the following day. The Hirer and their invitees if staying in accommodation provided by the Contractor are obligated to maintain a set level of security and ensure doors and windows to their rooms are locked.


Abuse of Staff:  

Any abuse whether verbal or physical by the Hirer, any of their guests or invitees, or third-party service providers, will not be tolerated against the Contractor or any employee of the Contractor or their representatives and may at the discretion of the Contractor give cause for the event to be terminated without any form of compensation and the premises cleared of guests, invitees or third-party service providers.


Misuse of Drugs: 

Any person found supplying, using, selling or otherwise providing controlled substances including drugs or other chemical substances, whether dangerous or otherwise, will be ejected from the premises and such occurrence may at the discretion of the Contractor give reasonable cause for the event to be terminated and without any form of compensation.


Misuse of Alcoholic Beverages or Drinks: 

The purchase of alcohol for the consumption of or by persons who are under the permitted legal age of 18 years is expressly prohibited and in contravention of the law and any person(s) attempting to do so, or in any other way procuring the supply to underage persons, will be ejected from the premises and the whole of the property and such occurrence may give cause at the discretion of the Contractor for the event to be terminated forthwith and without any form of compensation.

The Contractor reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to any person on the premises reasoning may be but is not limited to aggressive behaviour or the individual showing signs of intoxication.


Limit on Numbers at the Venue: 

The Hirer must not cause the safe number of guests or attendees at the event to be exceeded, which for the avoidance of doubt must not exceed one hundred and ten persons (110 persons) during the day and one hundred and forty (140) persons (including children) during the evening within the prescribed building but if a marquee and relevant services or other temporary shelter is provided then this maximum number may be increased proportionally by agreement.



Children are very welcome, however, must be supervised by an adult at all times.



Music is permitted at all times that are appropriate but consideration must be given to neighbours and in this context, music must not exceed 90 decibels. Uk Virtual Events Ltd are the sole supplier of DJ's at the venue.



We respectfully remind the Hirer to advise guests courtyard is cobbled and the surface is very uneven the Contractor cannot be held liable for any form of injury brought about by or caused as a result of wearing inappropriate footwear.


End of Hire: 

The licensed bar will cease dispensing, serving or selling or other delivery of alcoholic beverages to the Hirer or their guests or invitees or their third-party service providers at 23.00 hours Monday to Saturday and 22.30 hours on a Sunday. The Barn is the licensed premises and must be vacated by the Hirer, their guests or invitees by 00.00 hours (midnight) at which time all of the venue’s areas will be closed to the Hirer, their guests or invitees and the Barn will at locked overnight. The Hirer, their guests and invitees are not permitted to continue partying within the venue’s public areas after this time and overnight guests are not permitted to hold parties in their accommodation.



Decorations flowers or other such adornments may be tied or wrapped around existing structures or columns. It is expressly agreed and understood that nothing can be either stapled, glued, nailed, screwed into any surface or onto any surface, including all or any furniture. All decorations must be taken down before 10 am the following day by the Hirer or their third-party service providers and the area left in reasonably tidy condition.


Temporary Electrical Items or Provision of Supply: 

All electrical items, equipment, cables, machinery including musical equipment, amplifiers, speakers, disc players, projectors or turntables must be accompanied by their owner’s relevant and officially approved certificate of compliance and safety for use. No equipment may be directly wired into the mains electrical supply at any point within the contractors' premises other than by the use of 13amp plugs inserted into the existing 13amp wall sockets provided or approved surge protected extension leads appropriate for such electrical loading. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes all equipment provided by a band. The relevant P.A.T. test certificate must accompany the equipment and the third-party service provider must permit the Contractor to read and study such certificate if called upon to do so.

All production items will be supplied by our exclusive partner UK Virtual Events.


Personal and Third Party Property: 

Without exception all personal property, hired equipment, machinery, musical instruments or any other item supplied by a third-party service provider must be removed from the premises at the end of the event on the prescribed date and time. It is expressly agreed that the Contractor does not accept any liability for loss, damage or theft of any such property. Motorcars, bicycles or any other motorised vehicle are parked in areas designated by the Contractor and the security personnel. The Contractor nor the security personnel can be held responsible for any loss, theft, break-in, or damage to any vehicle parked or being driven on the private estate roads of the property and drivers remain liable for any damage to the Contractor's estate.

The Hirer, their guests and invitees are invited to approach the main house by travelling along the main access drive from the Yattenden / Pangbourne Road across into Herons Farm and when leaving the property drivers will be directed to leave the property by a prescribed route if different from the main access drive.

Parking is available for those guests who have booked to stay overnight in the prescribed accommodation. Motor vehicles may only be permitted to be parked overnight by prior agreement in the prescribed parking places or spaces and no other area on Herons Farm.


Civil Partnerships and Special Ceremonies:  

The Hirer undertakes herewith and agrees that a ceremony may only take place at the times permitted by law or agreed by those who will officiate at such ceremony and at the time agreed and prescribed on the booking confirmation form and by the Contractor, the Hirer and the in-house caterer.



Check-in time is from 14.00 hours (unless by prior arrangement an alternative time). If the Hirer, their guests or invitees wish to drop off their bags at an earlier time then they are permitted to do so by prior arrangement. Check out time is 10.30 hours on the morning of their agreed departure. If overnight patrons or guests are taking breakfast in the dining room, then we ask all overnight guests to pack and clear their room of luggage and personal belongings before they come down to breakfast.

Temporary reservation of all rooms is available to the Hirer for a nominal fee of £300 which will be refunded upon receiving payment for the rooms from their guests.



As a consequence of the status of the licensed premises of Herons Farm as prescribed by law and in respect of public entertainment, the Hirer, their guests, invitees or third-party service providers may not:

  • Conceal from view or obstruct access to any of the fire hydrants that exists or fire fighting equipment

  • Take or allow to be taken any glasses or other glassware from any prescribed building into the courtyard, car parks, gardens or other outdoor areas at any time during the event – all of these areas are “Non-Glass” areas and only synthetic or plastic glasses, bowls, or other containers are permitted.

  • The Hirer must make it clear to all of their guests, invitees or third-party service providers that they may not leave the designated areas that have been hired for the event.

  • The Hirer must make it clear to all of their guests, invitees or third-party service providers must not approach any livestock including cattle, horses, stable frontages, tack rooms, hay and straw barns, machinery storage areas, machine sheds or shelters, horse field shelters or any locked areas.

  • The third-party service providers may not give performances that could endanger members of the public including the Hirer, their guests or invitees or servants of the Contractor.

  • Bring or procure to bring or to conspire with others to bring any explosive, hazardous, toxic, inflammable substances into or on the premises that shall include public areas, gardens, field, paddocks, car parks or access drives.

  • Use lasers, stroboscopic lighting, or generators that emit smoke, chemical or gaseous vapour or water vapour or equipment designed to produce such effects without the express agreement of the Contractor.

  • Use cylinders for the storage or air or other gases or liquids held under pressure.

  • Bring into or onto the premises or accommodation any additional heating or cooling devices, equipment or machinery.

  • Permit the use or the creation of naked flames in any form of entertainment nor any open or naked flames in any display or decorations, for example, candles, the use of Chinese floating lanterns are also prohibited

  • Ignite, set-off or in any way handle or permit the handling or display of fireworks or handheld sparklers or any other incendiary device including joss sticks and incense burners.

  • Construct or procure the delivery, erection and use of any marquee or temporary canvas structure, gazebo and static umbrella. The Contractor at the request of the Hirer may agree between them that a marquee may be more appropriate than the buildings within the premises, designated for this type of event and a marquee may be more appropriate certainly on grounds of capacity to deal with a higher number of guests or invitees. The Contractor will procure such a structure and the cost thereof will be the responsibility of the Hirer.

  • Use or permit the use of paper, foil, synthetic material for use as confetti. Only certified biodegradable or soluble confetti will be permitted or flower petals and rice.

  • Smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes or other smoking items can only take place in designated areas and smokers must not inconvenience or upset fellow guests or invitees. Smoking is not permitted in any of the bedrooms or buildings and can only take place outside in the courtyard and no other open space specifically the gardens and lawns or adjacent stables, barns, machine sheds etc.

  • Play or permit the use of balls, any ball games, or the use or throwing of any projectile within the designated premises, gardens, car parks without agreement by the Contractor and by agreement with a supervising adult.

  • Bring open or concealed supplies of alcoholic beverages onto Herons Farm, into the bedrooms, gardens or other public areas, including the car parks for any particular guest’s consumption or supply to others on the premises. All alcohol consumed on the premises must by law have been provided and served by the Contractor as the licensee.




We the undersigned confirm that the foregoing has been read, agreed and understood and unconditionally and unreservedly agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and those of the confirmed booking form and accept that these terms form an integral part of the contract that exists between the Hirer and the Contractor to the exclusion of all other representations made, whether verbal or in writing, whether via email or by letter.

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